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ELT is dedicated to serving America’s most valuable resource - our seniors. Transitioning to a new home is one of the most stressful events a senior, or anyone for that matter, will undertake. ELT quietly and professionally takes on the burdens of relocation to enable seniors and their families to minimize stress. We can assist with all aspects of your move, from deciding what possessions can and can’t go with you and dispossessing your unneeded belongings, to packing, managing the move, cleaning out your old home after the move, and setting up your new home. Let our experience keep you stress free and relaxed during very difficult period.

allow you to LIVE!

• Exercise for Elders-Getting Started

Debunking exercise myths many seniors use to not exercise, and tips on what to do before you start exercising.  more>>

Elder Life Transitions LLC is dedicated to assisting seniors and their families navigate the physical and emotional stress associated with relocating. Leaving a home where a lifetime of memories were made and house full of children were raised can prove too much to bear for even the strongest. We at ELT know the pitfalls and understand the difficulties. It is our mission to relieve as much of the work and stress of doing so as our clients need, and to do it with patience, calm, sensitivity and understanding for all that both elders and their families are going through.

ELT’s Mission:

• Relocation Stress Syndrome

It may sound like a made-up disease, but it is all too real, especially for seniors going through a late life home transition.  more>>

• Accident-Proof Your Home

Falls inside our own homes is a leading cause of injuries among seniors. Affordable alterations can help stop these accidents.  more>>

•Human Senses & the Passage of Time

How our five senses change with age is different for each of us. This is how changes in our senses can affect us as we age.  more>>

Helpful Tips and Information

• To Move or Not to Move?

There comes a time when seniors must decide if our old homes are the right place to live. Here are tips to help you decide.  more>>

• Cognitive Conditioning

A common fear for seniors is declining mental capacity. Research shows, our brains respond well to regular exercise. more>>

• “Home Staging” for Dollars

Some tips for “staging” your home prior to sale to maximize the chances of selling and getting the highest price possible.  more>>

•Turning Treasures to Cash

Whether downsizing or just de-cluttering, how you dispose of your treasures can greatly affect the cash you collect.  more>>

More Tips>>

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