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Downsizing and Estate Liquidation

For most seniors, moving to a new home involves adapting to less square footage and fewer rooms. Children have moved out of the nest, sometimes leaving the family home feeling cold and empty, and the expense of heating and maintaining all that extra space can be an unwelcome burden. So when seniors move, one of the primary goals is often to reduce the size of the home.

Humans seem to have a innate tendency to accumulate possessions that fill our homes. The bigger the house, the more stuff we are comfortable amassing. When it comes time to move to a smaller home, though, fitting all of your belongings is usually the most difficult part of making the adjustment. Downsizing your possessions to fit a smaller space can be distressing. We often form emotional attachments to objects we bring into our homes, and deciding which ones we can and can’t live without can be overwhelming.

ELT will help relieve the stress of downsizing by systematically evaluating your needs, and organizing your possessions into categories of “must have,” “give away” to either family or local charities, and “must go,” either by selling or bagging up for curb side pick-up. ELT also has the experience to determine the best and most lucrative method of disposition for items being sold, whether it be estate sales, antique and collectible auctions, internet auctions, or consignment sales. Choosing the right method of disposition and knowing the true market value of each of your items can make a big difference in how much effort is required and how much money you will realize from the sale. Our article called “Turning Treasures to Cash” can help give you an appreciation of the options available and decisions that must be made. We understand what your belongings mean to you and memories they hold. Our job is to help you strike the best possible balance between emotional attachment and need. For a risk-free consultation, please contact us at your convenience.


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