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Senior Move Management

ELT’s primary mission is to enable seniors and the newly disabled to remain independent in their current homes indefinitely by making affordable alterations to remove accident hazards and make everyday living easier. In some cases, however, “aging-in-place” is not possible. Many homes, particularly in New England, are anything but “barrier-free,” a term used to describe buildings that even physically limited people can easily navigate. Making sufficient alterations to such houses to enable seniors to age in place can be extremely expensive and disruptive. Some seniors also reach a time in life when relocating is preferable to staying put, whether because children have moved away or the family home has grown too large and unwieldy.

Whatever the reason behind it, moving to a new home is stressful for anyone at any age. Add physical and/or cognitive limitations, and moving can be a living nightmare. Recent research has shown that moving can result in traumatic and lasting negative symptoms. Our article called “Relocation Stress Syndrome” provides insight into this very real condition. At ELT, we make it our mission to minimize the stress of moving with a range of services, including:

From beginning to end, ELT can help take the pain and stress out of your move. Please contact us for a risk-free consultation. And for help deciding whether or not you should move, see our article called “To Move or Not to Move.”


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