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ELT’s Services:

Moving your home is stressful for anyone at any age. Add physical and/or cognitive limitations, and moving can be a nightmare. ELT can help with a range of services, from organizing and packing, to arranging movers and unpacking.   more>>

We all have a tendency to accumulate possessions to fill the size of our homes. When it’s time for smaller home, downsizing possessions to fit can be distressing. ELT will make downsizing easy by evaluating your needs, organizing your possessions, and determining the best method of disposition.   more>>

With more than 20 years of experience in antiques, ELT has the knowledge and contacts to appraise and sell your possessions. ELT evaluates the options and recommends the best method for sale, including auctions, estate sales, the internet, or even donations to the charity of your choice.   more>>

ELT’s Mission:

Today, with the number of senior citizens growing at unprecedented rates and our seniors living longer than ever before, our culture seems to finally be learning to embrace and value our parents and elders. The options and services available for the elderly have never been greater. Still, the stresses of life become easily magnified for those experiencing the normal changes associated with aging. Decreased mobility, declining physical abilities, and deteriorating mental acuity are but a few of the challenges our seniors face. Combine this with family members moving away, spouses and friends passing on, and diminishing financial flexibility often leave seniors feeling isolated.

No matter what the circumstances of life and maladies experienced by any senior, there will usually come a time when transitioning to more suitable living arrangements becomes either desirable or necessary. For seniors who have lived for decades in one home to be faced with moving, no matter the reason, can be overwhelming. Particularly when they  begin sorting decades of accumulated belongings.

Elder Life Transitions LLC is dedicated to guiding seniors through any or all of the chores associated with moving. Experience, including with our own family members, has given us a deep understanding of the challenges and emotional roller coaster seniors face in transitioning to a new home. We know that moving, particularly downsizing, is one of the most stressful events any senior will face in their golden years. Our mission is to provide whatever assistance our clients desire with calm sensitivity to relieve you and your family of as much stress as possible.

ELT can help plan the entire move from beginning to end, or do only one or two tasks you find particularly difficult. Our services include sorting through belongings, selling, donating or disposing of items not needed in the best way possible, packing up what’s left, arranging movers, cleaning out your old home, and unpacking and setting up your new home. We can also perform minor alterations, such as painting and light carpentry, to help sell your old home, and fix up your new home to your desires and needs.

mattresses, all of those old screws and nails, etc. No one else will want them, so it all must be disposed of appropriately. ELT can take on this dirty job for you.

Simply tracking down the boxes and bubble wrap you’ll need to pack your belongings could take days and cost hundreds of dollars. Consider having ELT do your packing, and unpacking in your new home. You may never know how much time and stress it will save you, but you’ll definitely be better for it.

Before you move to a new home, let ELT help you make safety upgrades and repair any unsightly problems to your taste. We can quickly freshen up in the interior and spruce up the exterior quickly and cost effectively so you will feel at home right from the first day you move in.

ELT can keep your your home in peak condition by repairing problems such as aging paint, loose handrails, doors or locks that don’t shut properly, or loose floor boards and stair steps.  more>>

One of most daunting tasks related to downsizing is going through all of your old “stuff” and determining what you can keep and what you won’t be able to bring with you. Organizing your life’s belongings will make the move and the transition to a new home easier is key to any successful transition.

No matter how successful you are selling your possessions before you move, there will be a surprising quantity of “stuff” that is neither saleable nor suitable for donation. Cleaning supplies, old appliances, used

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