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Elder Life Transitions was founded by Bob Upton in 2011. Bob had witnessed his parents struggle with physical and cognitive limitations, and lived through the decision to downsize, as well as the succeeding move. Quickly realizing that the entire process was rife with problems and pitfalls that no one anticipated or was equipped to handle, he set off to become educated about the resources and help that are available. A few years later, his widowed mother reached a point where downsizing even further became necessary, and shortly after, his wife’s father  faced the same reality. Through these personal experiences, Bob became determined to help other families navigate the complexities and stress of moving an elder member to a new home.

ELT is the result of Bob’s epiphany. The company’s mission is to put Bob’s experience into practice by assisting seniors in transition with whatever tasks they may help with, and to do it with sensitivity, respect, calm determination, and a deep understanding of what the seniors are going through.

Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it.

Henry David Thoreau

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